Wednesday, September 20, 2017

KillDeer Trot

Killdeer  chase  each  other  around  the  mud  flats  while  sandpiper  and  other  peeps  just  mind  their  own  business.  Unlike  Killdeer,  most  peeps  are  easy  to  miss  until  they  move  about.

Sand Piper

Notice  the  nostril  is  formed  in  the  upper  beak.  Interesting  detail.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mallard Rebel

Youngsters  often  upset  their  parents  with  the  way  they  dress.

Blackbird Youth

This young blackbird  has  some  unusual  colour  tints  on  the  head  and  neck  areas.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Flip Head First

King  here  has  a  real  big  ego.  Usually  he  just  flies  off.   This  time  he  had  to  flip  his  cath  around  many  different  ways  and  was  in  no  hurry  to  leave.  Seems  like  PRIDE  to  me.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Merganser with scullpin catch

Mergansers  are  the  most  expert  fish  catching  machines.

Merganser in Fish-Finder Mode

Experts  at  fishing.   They  seem  to  catch  fish  without  much  effort  at  all.

Fishing Merganser

Just  swallowing  her  latest  fish  in  this  image.


He  caught  many  of  thes good  sized  scullpin  and  was  still  hunting  when I  finally  left.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Distant Yellow Warbler

Around  here  these  warblers  mostly  remain  in  deep  cover.  Thus  the  long  shot.

Mr. Spunky

Keeps  his  distance  and  smart  enough  to  know  when I  am  aiming  at  him.

Merganser Boarding Party

All  the  chicks  do  get  aboard  eventually.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

7 Flicker Family shots to follow

He  has  groceries  and  will  feed  her  soon.

Flicker Dad feeds his little girl

Miss  Flicker  gets  this  delivery  as  little  brother  was  fed  last  trip.

Miss Flicker Junior

This  one  had  more ' window '  time  than  her  little  brother.

Flicker Dad and little girl

The  little  girl  was  at  this  window  more  than  her  brother.

Flicker Junior...The boy

His  sister  seemed  a  little  larger.

Flicker Dad and Junior

This  is  the  female  chick.  Her  brother  has  two  red  patches  on  the  sides  of  his  head.

Flicker Dad

Just  fed  his  young  ones.

Yellow bellied sap sucker

This moment of good fortune  was like a gift. He was probably curious about me. My white patterned shirt may have seemed like a thick birch bark so he had to come close, and then I turned around. He didn't stay long. Only three shots. TG