Monday, January 30, 2017

Mr. Flicker

He  is  a  shy  hard  working  wood  pecking  kind  of  bird

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Drake in Blue

Drake  in Blue  is  less  common.   Usually  the  iridescence is  shown  in  green.

Gull Personality

Some  personality  in  this  gull.   I  treat  him  well.  He  is  more  laid  back  than  many  other  gulls.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

White Crown Sparrow on White Snow

They  seem  just  as  happy  with  snow.

Uppity Barrows Goldeneye

Tipping  up  a  little.

Serious Scaup

A  scaup  can  be  almost  serious.

Smiling Scaup

Can  a  scaup  smile?

Rusty Blackie Pirates

Survivors  who  bolt  to  the  sky  instantly  on  signal.

Stumpy...Doing fine

Stumpy...Doing  fine  and  full  of  life

Friendly Rock Dove

He  mixes  with  the  gulls  pecking  his  share  of  sunflower  seeds.

Bird Lookout by Rotary

Our  local  Rotary  club  adds  to  quality  of  life  here  with  projects  like  this  one.

Tree of mini-olives

This  tree  delivers  little  green  olives  the  size  of  beans.

Old Fungi

Careful  of  the  world  under foot.

Mom and Cignet Trumpeter Swans

These  swans  visit  us  all  winter  until  they  return  to  the  Arctic  in February.  
Made  an  error  in  a  rush  at  first  using  the  term  Mute  swans.   Mute  swans  have  the   black  orb  at  the  top  of  their  beak / bill.  These  sound  like  a  bugle  or  trumpet.

RingNeck Dove

The  refined  Dove.

Less Common Brown Crown

Curious  little  cutie.

Mallard Drake

When  the  light  is  just  right.

Grebe_ Expert Fisher

The  silent  and  shy  grebe

Clean-up Crew

These  guys  do  so  much  good  and  never  send  us  a  bill.