Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tail light brightness

Remarkable  thing  about  Green Wing Teal  is  the  super  bright  gold  tail lights  these  birds  have.  Photos  can  not  really  show  how  intense  these  golden  reflectors  are  in  the  warm  low  angle  late  afternoon  light.  A  natural  surprise.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny Odd Snake

There  may  be  more  to  follow  on  this  little it is..
March 24/2012

This tiny guy  belongs  to  my  friend  Sanjeev  who  found  it  in  his  friend's  place  next  door  in  Tezpur,  Assam state, India.   Sanjeev  is  also  a  photographer.  Thanks,  Sanjeev,  for  a  beautiful  little  snake.  TG

Friday, March 16, 2012

Harlequin with bracelet

Here  is  another  view  of  the  Harlie  and  his  stylish  ankle  bracelet.   Looks  like  one  is  on  the  left as  well. 

Harlie Number 70 Kin Beach Comox

Harlequin  wearing  band  bearing number 70  is  of  interest  to  those who  study  these  interesting  sea birds.  Is  that  a Robinson Gull?  Notice  the  white  tipped  beak.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Diligence and KingFisher

Green Diligence, down  at  Comox  Marina  seemed  pretty  enough  to  snap  and  while  doing  so  a  feisty kingfisher  arrived  and  dove  for  small  fry... So,  I  got  one  fairly  good  flight image  of  him  also.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seven Harlies at Kin Beach, Comox

Lucky I'm  alone  this  morning  and  no  dog  on  the  loose  so  these  Harlies  are  facing  into  the  wind  and are quite  relaxed  as  the  gulls  pick  up  bits  I  flick  to  them.  They  did  all  move  off  shore  but  were  soon  headed  back  when  I  sat  on  a  rock.  Soon  they  were climbing  onto  their  sun  perches  facing  into  the  cold  wind again.

All are excellent formation fliers.

Kin  Beach  in  Comox  is  not  far  from  the  military  air  base.  Flying  is  an  art  and  these  are  masters  at  it.  They  fly  out  over  the  water  at  high  speed  and  all  turn  in  unison  creating  a  show  of  bright  white bellies  as  they  bank  through  turns.

Three Young Ones

These  are  fairly  small  birds. They  are  roughly  half  height  to  their  parents.  They  fly  in  beautiful  precision  together  with  the  Turnstones.

Harlequin Formation

Moving  slowly  towards  the  rocks  for  preening.

Mr. Harlie Poses

Swimming  around lazily  and  sunning  on  the  rocks  mostly.  Pretty  relaxed.  Witnessed  only  one  chase  during  the  two  hour  visit.

Spotties and Turnstones sun basking

These  guys  and  the  Harlies  seem  to  be  content  moving  around  on  the  rocks  for  sun  rays.  Guess  they  have  had  plenty  of   herring  roe.  They  seemed  not  to  be  hungry  at  all.  These  photos  are  taken  with  the  70 - 300  at  some  distance.  Heavy  crop  seems  fairly  good. I  like  this  new lens.

Wind Damage Lewis Park

That  was  quite  a  wind  last  night.  Many  trees  came  down  and  thousands  were  without  power.  This  is  one  of  two  old  trees  that  came  down  at  Lewis Park  here  in  Courtenay.  Meanwhile,  the  Harlequins, Turnstones,  Spotties  and  Gulls  continue  to  dine  on  Herring  roe  at  Kin  Beach,  Comox.

Turnstones @ Kin Beach

Cold  and  windy  on  Comox's Kin Beach March 13/12,  Yet  these,  the Spotties  and  the  Harlequins  all  seem  to  be  in  high  spirits.  Turnstones  and  Spotties  fly  together  and  swarm  back  to  the  beach  in  perfect  sync  just  as  schools  of  fish  do.  Very  impressive  navigation.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Drake Loner

Well  wadayaknow.  A  lone  drake  straggler,  and  at  quite  a  long  distance.  This  is  a  severe crop  and  yet  the  image  seems  fairly  good.  I  knew  the  Canon  70 - 300  L lens  could  save  some  long  shots.
All  the  other  birds  are  out  past  Goose  Spit,  Cape Lazo  way,  gobbling  herring  roe.

Blue Blooms

Test  the  Canon 70 - 300 as  a  macro  at  four  feet.  Very  cold,  and  all  images  are made hand  held  in the  wind.  The  lens  AF  is  quick  and  silent.  Seems  to  render these very  nicely.  All  the  gulls  and  sea  birds  have  moved  to  the  outside, beyond  Goose Spit  for  the  herring  feast. No  birds!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beaufort Mountains

This  is  a  test  for  the 70 - 300 L  lens.  Cold  grey  day  yet  with  a  little  added  contrast, at  least  the  crags  are  not  wishy - washy.  Comox glacier is on  the left.  Our  mountains  out  behind  Courtenay  are  more  dramatic  than  people  realize.  I  like  this  new  Canon L lens.  Handheld..300mm.

Spring Shoots

These popped  up,  even  though  we  are  having  a  March 8th  cold  snap.  The  skies  are  grey  and  the  wind  is  cold.  Testing  the  new  70 - 300 L  lens.  Shaky hand  held,  yet  seems  to  have  good  definition  and  the  colour  renders  well  enough.  @ Comox  marina:  Boats  are out  for  herring.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snakes are beautiful

Here  is  our  most  common  snake  on  mid-Vancouver Island BC.  In  the  summer  he  seems  not  to  have  much  red.  Early  March however, [Just  took  this  March 5th], I  suspect the  red  is to  attract  romance.  I  could  be  wrong  though.  Basket  weave skin pattern.