Saturday, April 28, 2012

Savanna sparrow moods

Savanna  in  a  mellow  mood..[top].  Savanna  irritated..[bottom]

Savanna Sparrow..annoyed

This  savanna  is  not  really  a  willing  model  for  the  camera.

Redwing Showoff

This  redwing  is  trying  to  convince  us  he  owns  the  little  pond  up  on  the  Courtenay  plateau. Six  cattail lake.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hare on Courtenay Plateau

Wild  hare  differ  from  place  to  place.  Our  Courtenay  Plateau  Hare  is  a  silver-tip.  This  is  the  usual  view  on  the  three  quarter  rear  angle, ears  aimed  at  us  like  radar. The  next  step  is  a  quick  exit  stage  left.  Exactly  the  exit  move  he  did  at  the  time. He  seemed  a  little  heavy  and  plump  though.
Was he - she  a  preggy  female?

Wild Spring Blooms

Just  imagine  how  much  better  these  would  be  if  they  were  vertical  rather  than  horizontal.  Oh  well,  these  are  wild  blooms  and  just  will  not  behave  like  domestic  blooms.

Deer Shopping

Shopper  in  downtown  central  Comox.  'Lessee,...which  snack  to  nibble?  There  are  more  deer  walking the  streets  in  Comox  than  there  are  dogs.  This  is  at  the  EX-Lorne Hotel  site.

White Crown Observes Calmly

Delightful  when  birds  are  curious  and  fearless.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yellow Rump in Oct 2010

Hard  to  think  this  is  the  same  Yellow  Rump  as  the next  post.  Certainly  a  massive  colour  change  from  April  to  Sept/October.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yellow Rump differs from summer 2010 this blog

A  thrill  catching  this  fellow  in  the  camera  because  he  is  totally  different  than  the  supposed  Yellow Rumps  on  this  blog  from  last  summer.  They  were  thinner  and  mostly  pale  shades  of  green yet  with  yellow  clearly  on  the  rump.  So  much  similar  but  different  in  this  bird  class.

Yellow Rump or Audubon's Western?

Not  Audubon's  I  suspect,  as  there  is  no  black eye surround.  Just  a  chubby  well  fed  Yellow  Rump  no doubt  but  Mike Yip's  Y. rump  is  much  more  lean  and  longer  looking.  Maybe  lean  due  to  a  long  hard migration.  You  can  compare  at....
The  top  image  is  no  photo,  but  just  a  record  shot  showing  wing  and  back  detail.

Swan Oddity

This  calm  and  self  assured  odd  looking  [colour cast?], swan  came  slowly  motoring  by  me  and  the  camera  at  Lafarge  on  Dyke Road.  Certainly  a  loner,  as  no  other  swans  were  anywhere  in  sight.  I  thought,  is  this  a  stray  from  Stanley  Park  in  Vancouver?   What is  it  with  this  quasi-tame bird?

Marmot come back

Mac  in  a  Gmail video conference  informed  me  about  the  new  tourist  info  centre  just  outside  of  Cumberland.  So  today  we  drove  there  and  looked  around.  Very  modern  and  fresh brand  new.  There is  a  plug-in for  your  electric car  while  you  look  around  inside  at  the  many  displays.  Salmon  fishing, sea foods  harvesting, mountain biking  and  kayaking  are  a few of  the  topics  covered.  Prov. BC  photo

Marmot Island's endangered

If  you  see  this  guy  in  your  rifle  scope,  please  don't  be  tempted.  Zero  in  on  a  beer  can  instead.  These  little  shmoos  just  shmooze  in  the  sun  on  big  rock  slopes  with  an  eye  out  for  hawks  and  eagles.  Now  that  is  real  laid back living.  Something  we  need  more  of.  So please  don't  shoot!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pheasant Aisian Ringneck

  This  is  the  elusive  bird  I  hear  but  can  not  find  on  Courtenay  hidden  plateau.
Sooner  or  later  he  will  hold  for  a  photo.  Flushed  one,  but  alas,  no  photo. [so far]

Chickadee by new Canon L lens

This  seems  like  a  better  than  average  Chickadee  photo.  The,  [recent to me], Canon 70 - 300 f4 L IS  may  be  the  reason.

Daffies in the bush

How  these  stray  daffies  end  up  deep  in  the  bush  is  unknown.   Suspects  are  birds  who  eat  the  seeds  most  likely I  guess.

Secret Plateau looking Beaufort way

This  is  one  of  only  three  homes  on  Courtenay's  unknown  plateau.  I  have  been  trying  to  photograph  the  Aisian  Ringneck  that  one  can  hear  up  here but  can  only  snap  the  Turkey  Vulture  who  always  investigates  my  presence.  Lots  of  Redwings  and  Killdeer  who  nest  on the  plateau.  The  views  from  here  are  impressive  and  all  around  from  over  the  ocean  to  back  towards  the  Beauforts seen  here.

Secret Plateau view over Comox

This  is  a  sunset  of  BC  mainland  mountains  from  a  hidden  plateau  in  Courtenay.  99%   of  residents  do  not  know  where  this  is.  Yet  this  vantage  point  is  well  within  Courtenay  boundaries  and  it  provides  views  all  around  including  farmlands  and  the  Beaufort Mountains behind us.  Crown  Isle  on  Ryan Road  may  become  passe  when  this  place  is  discovered  by  the  locals.  So  far  there  are  only  three  houses  up  here.  Macelhaney  surveyed 32  lots  so  far  they  tell  me.  A  home  for Aisian Pheasants.  Those  pretty  multi-coloured  birds,  so  hard  to  photograph  at  times.

Mountain Forest Oddity

This  at  first  glance  looks  like  a  mountainside  of  red  seedlings.  It  is  of  course  a  moss  miniature  on a  rock.  Wonder  what  those  red  plants  are  called.  If  you  know, leave  a  note  in  the  comments.

Red Splash blossom

One  of  Canada's  most  common  blossoms,  the  black berry,  yet  this  one  looked  so  healthy  there  was  a  sudden  need  to  take  it  away  in  photo  form.

King Grab Shot

Often  the  case  where  MR. King  zooms  in  a  takes  me  by  surprise.  This  is  somewhat  ragged  but  show  me  yours.  leave  a  link  in  the  comments.  I  have  plenty  of  Mr.  King perched, showing  off  his  catch,  but  very  few  good  ones  in  flight  with  a  catch,  however  small.  Flight  is  usually  away  from  the  camera  and  those  just  don't  rate.

Squirrel, Hey pal, whatcha got?

Visitors  hand  feed  the  birds  at  Lazo  Marsh  in  Comox  BC Canada.  This  little  toughie  muscles  in  on  the  action.   Hey  pal,  sunflower  seeds  eh?   yum  yum!

Squirrel...Thems good sunflower seeds pal

This squirrel really  likes  fresh  sunflower seeds.  Seeds  were  sprinkled  here  to  entice  the  birds,  but  one  never  argues  with  a  lightening  fast  squirrel.  Even  a  small  one  can  bite  a  finger  and  zip  back  to  the  far  end  of  a  log  and  snicker  while  you  just  begin  to  feel  the  pain.  They  duck  Peregrine falcons  y'know.

Snake Love in Springtime

This  young  lady  heads  out  looking  for  romance.  She  certainly  is  good  looking  and   I'm  quite  sure  she  will  meet  up  with  some  dandy  wearing  a  lot  of  hot  springtime  red  in  his  outfit.

Nose to Nose

Young  lady  has found Mr. Right.  His  colouring  has  a  lot  of  hot  red  that fades  later  in  the  season.  Notice  the  two  dots  on  the  heads  of  all  three  in  the  next  post.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Love in the Grass

Romance  was paramount, so these  three  regarded  me  as  a tree  and  entertained  myself  and  the  camera for  some time.   These  pretty  critters  enjoy  a  very  good  love  life. I  was  impressed.