Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Buffle Strut

These  are  so  difficult  to  photograph.  Slider  way  over to  the  right  and  still  little  eye  highlight.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Other ' White Front '

This ' brother '  has  a  touch  of  brown  with  the  black  on  his  front.

Mallard WhiteFront?

Two  of  these  chumming  around  like  brothers  and  fairly  tame  in  behaviour.   Not  sure  what  type  they  may  have  crossed  with.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

3 Spotted & 3 Blackstone

These  seem  to  have  a  close  friendship.

Harlie Buddies

These  two  moved  around  in  step  for  a  time.

Snow is Gone but Arctic Air Cold

This  Heron  is  muffled  up  and  in  no  mood  to  fly  away.

Red / Pink footed

His  feet   looked  different  than  other  gulls.

Blackwater Day at the Lookout

This  darkness  did  turn  into  plenty  of  rain.

Grebe or young loon?

Grebe  probably  yet  it  looks  different.   No  yellow  in  the  eye.

AM Arctic Air....Green sky?

Just  moments  after  this  orange / pink  glow  everything  went  to  yellow.

Little Grebe at Fanny Bay

This  one  moved  around  aimlessly  for  a  while  and  the  vanished.

Mr. Cormorant on a float

He  allowed  me  three  shots  and  then  was  off  fishing  again.

Widgeon Strut

Seems  like  a  strut  going  on  here  in  front  of  onlookers.

Widgeon hold out

The  American widgeons  munch  around  in  the  grass  for  a  while,  then  fly  down  to  the  water  then  soon  return  for  more  greens  and  back  again  for  more  of  a  group  swim.  This  one  held  back  for  some reason.   Guess  he  thought  it  was  portrait  time.

Merganser; Redbreasted

These  are  usually  lone  visitors.  More  shy  than  the  common  mergansers  who  are  usually  around  the  Courtenay  delta  in  fair  numbers.

Glacier Restored

The  recent  arctic  air  snap  seems  to  have  restored  our  glacier  to  near  normal.

Local Moocher

This  bunny  is  running  free.   Someone  moved  away  and  left  him  behind.  Not  a  fair  thing  to  do  yet  he  seems  to  be  doing  well  and  it's  been  two  months  or  more.

Eagle Royalty

For  an  Eagle  to  look  Regal  there  must  be  a  certain  stance.