Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Barrows Goldeneye. A ' Looker '

If  Mallards  are  being  fed  then  Barrows  are  likely  to  come  closer  for  their  share.

LongTail Duck

These  were  called  ' old  squaw '.   Now  they  are  the  less  offensive  '  Longtail '.

The Scaup is a neat dresser

These  scaup  always  look  neat  and  trim.

Visitor Portrait

This  one  visits  our  seaside  often  so  a  portrait  is  offered.   A  good  looker.

Young Scoter

These  eat  small  clams  whole  digesting  the  shell  and  all.  So  experts  tell  me.

Pretty Miss Merganser

She  is  a  little  more  attractive  than  the  average  merganser  miss.

White Crowned Sparrow

Adjusting  for  the  cold  and  the  snow.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mr. Barrows has a Drink

Using  the  new  Tamron  150 - 600mm  zoom   is  more  difficult  than  the  70-300mm [L] lens.
Seems  one  can  not  get  away  with  much  handheld.

About  the  following  Hybrid  Drake;-
A  bit  ragged  yet  smarter  than  the  Mallard  drake.  More  motivated  as  well.   Quick  to  zero  in  on  treats  and  races  to  beat  the  gulls.  Walks  up  to  my  Van door  now  as  well.
Too  tame.... TG