Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Barrows Goldeneye. A ' Looker '

If  Mallards  are  being  fed  then  Barrows  are  likely  to  come  closer  for  their  share.

LongTail Duck

These  were  called  ' old  squaw '.   Now  they  are  the  less  offensive  '  Longtail '.

The Scaup is a neat dresser

These  scaup  always  look  neat  and  trim.

Visitor Portrait

This  one  visits  our  seaside  often  so  a  portrait  is  offered.   A  good  looker.

Young Scoter

These  eat  small  clams  whole  digesting  the  shell  and  all.  So  experts  tell  me.

Pretty Miss Merganser

She  is  a  little  more  attractive  than  the  average  merganser  miss.

White Crowned Sparrow

Adjusting  for  the  cold  and  the  snow.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mr. Barrows has a Drink

Using  the  new  Tamron  150 - 600mm  zoom   is  more  difficult  than  the  70-300mm [L] lens.
Seems  one  can  not  get  away  with  much  handheld.

About  the  following  Hybrid  Drake;-
A  bit  ragged  yet  smarter  than  the  Mallard  drake.  More  motivated  as  well.   Quick  to  zero  in  on  treats  and  races  to  beat  the  gulls.  Walks  up  to  my  Van door  now  as  well.
Too  tame.... TG

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hybrid 7 right side

A  littlle  more  colour  in  this  black duck  and mallard  cross.

Hybrid 7

Looked  this  up  in  Cornell's  Birds ID  photos.   They  suggest  this  is  a  cross  between  the  Mallard  and  the  N.A.  Black duck.  Here  I  tried  to  show  a  lot  of  detail.  Otherwise  not  much  of  a  pose.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Information Wanted

We may be doomed.... We have 60,000 ships on the oceans burning the worst bunker fuels spewing poisons into the air every minute. We have hundreds of thousands of diesel burning tractor trailers shifting our foods and stuff over the world's highways in every country.

We have world industry building more dirty fuel ships and tractors every day.

If you see this trend turning around then please explain how. I admit I am sadly ignorant of how this is supposed to happen. Looking for hope and information from YOU. TG

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Marten Scramble

Moving  quickly  under  and  over  shoreline  logs  with  an  intent  to  get  to  where  he  may  have  food  hidden.   Difficult  to  get  focus  with  him  bouncing  around.  Pretty  sure  its  a  marten.  Seems  a  rare  oddity  that  he  would  be  on  the  beach  in  Comox  bay,  yet  this  is  near  Portugese  Joes  fish  market  so  that  may  explain  why  he  likes  it  around  here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vulture Beach

The  Turkey  have  a  get-together  1/4  mile  offshore  from  Portugese  Joe's  Fish  shop.  Other  times  the  eagles  get  together  here  as  well.

Turkey Flight

Not  perfect  yet  getting  better.

Traps and the Y joint

Who  works  harder  than  the  spider?

Towhee and Sunflower Seed

This  one  is  in  stages  of  a  moult.

Towhee of the Rufus type

These  normally  prefer  to  turn  over  dead  leaves  under  bushes  for  food.  If  they  see  other  birds  coming  and  going  from  a  wooden  fence,  they  are  smart  enough  to  take  part  in  a  sunflower  seed  treat  feast.


He  had  a  definite  limp  yet  seems  to  be  getting  by  just  fine.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Spotted Sandpiper? Juvenile

Juvenile  and  tiny  in  size.  No  spots  on  the  chest  yet  so  Spotted  Sandpiper  is  a  guess.
Semipalmated  sandpiper  is  also  possible.  Winter  plumage.  no  spots  on  chest.

Sandpiper [ Suspect ]

Juvenile  and  tiny  in  size.  No  spots  on  the  chest  yet  so  Spotted  Sandpiper  is  a  guess.

Sandpiper [ Suspect ]

He  was  picking  tiny  insects  off  the  rocks.  They  were  too  small  for  my  vision.  His  tail  was  up  and  down,  similar  to  a  wagtail.

Sandpiper [ suspect ]

Juvenile  and  tiny  in  size.  No  spots  on  the  chest  yet  so  Spotted  Sandpiper  is  a  guess.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Me and a few ducks. Komoux Bay

Very  early  morning  with  just  me  and  some  ducks.....OH,  Mr.  Killdeer  too.   I  removed  a  comment  below  because  the  included  email  raised  an  alarm.  Better  to  be  on  the  safe  side.  TG

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Plover on Comox Delta

Suspect  this  is  a  plover  yet  plumage  is  winter  type??

Plover of some sort.

Three  shore  birds  flew  in.  I  thought  they  were  common  Killdeer.   One  was  this  bird  that  I  suspect  is  a  plover.  Not  matching  any  book  photos  though.

If  you  happen  to  notice  a  soft  focus  image  or  two,  no  need  to  worry  at  all.   I  NEVER...EVER  use  a  tripod   so  there  are  bound  to  be  some  fuzzy-wuzzy  images.  Modern  tech  can  deliver  good  images  without  a  tripod.  I  put  modern  tech  to  the  test  every  day. TG

Mrs. Cooper?

Hope  this  is  a  Cooper.  Otherwise.....egg  on  my  face.

MR. Cooper?

I  think  this  is  the  Coopers Hawk.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


He  was  curious  and  paused,  so  I  snapped,  but  I'm  OK  now.

BLUEfly Dragon

First  he  hovered  and  so  then  did  I.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quality Petal

I  forget  the  name  of  this.  It's  on  the  tip  of  my  tongue..You  know  this  one.. TG

Blue Cap Glitter

A  bit  more  of  that  blue  cap.  They  seldom  rest  from  chasing  insects.  My  good  luck  to  finally  get  a  few  shots.

Blue Cap

We  may  not  see  his  blue  cap  glitter  very  often.  Barn  swallow  down  by  the  sea  shore. TG

Upland Plover

Rare  and  distant  around  here  in  Courtenay.  I  thought  he  was  a  stilt  at  first  but  the  book  says  Upland  Plover.  This  is  a  looong  shot.  Sorry.. TG

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunny Surprise

I  wondered  how  this  little  sunflower  managed  to  pop  up  from  the  rocks  down  by  the  ocean  where  I  feed  the  birds.   Then  I  realized....  This  is  here  because  of  me.  I  place  sunflower  seeds  for  birds  on  a  slab  above  these  rocks.   One  of  those  seeds  found  something  to  grow  from  between  the  boulders.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Heron Sentinel

Mr.  Heron  is  an  Icon  down  of  Portugese  Joes'  fish  monger  dock  post.

Bloom Unknown

The  top  section  is  about six  inches  long.   Growing  wild in  the  rocks  down  by  the  sea shore.  I  have  no  idea  what  this  one  is  called.

Mre. GOLDfinch

GOLDIE  likes  his  salty  sea-lettuce  early  in  the  morning.

Kingfisher Spunk

I  usually  get  these  closer  up.  This  is  posted  because  it  seems  to  show  his  'spunky'  spirit  and  those  funny  little  legs.

One Dozen

I  can't  resist getting  these  young  mergansers.  They  are  not  ALL  female.  The  males  change  over  to  white  and  green / black  when  they  get  older.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fish Grab

The  gulls  scattered  and  this  is  the  reason  why.

Yellow Tiger-Tail

This  one  has  lost  a  bit  here  and  there,  yet  is  still  able  to  be  attractive  looking.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Whole family

Here  we  have  the  whole  family,  give  or  take  one  or  two.

The  Moms  babysit  for  each  other  so  their  families  are  not  as  big  as  you  may  think. TG

Graceful flyer

Tossing  treats  into  the  water  brings  in  the  fly-by  Mew Gulls.

Mrs Merganser & Family

There  are  14  kids  but  5   will  allow  me  to  get  closer.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Less Grey & More brown

Unlike  the  following  Killdeer,  this  one  is  more  brown  toned  rather  than  grey..

Bloom & Pod

These  blooms  seem  to  have  both  the  bud  and  the  pod.;

Mixed Company

This white  goose  is  comfortable  in  the  Canada  goose  family.  In  fact  it  is  the  parent  of    two   hybrid  youngsters.

Killdeer Blending in

These  can  be  hard  to  see  at  a  distance  until  they  move  or  call  out.

Miss American Goldfinch

This Goldfinch  was  having  a  little  sea-greens  off  the  rock.