Wednesday, July 20, 2016


He  was  curious  and  paused,  so  I  snapped,  but  I'm  OK  now.

BLUEfly Dragon

First  he  hovered  and  so  then  did  I.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quality Petal

I  forget  the  name  of  this.  It's  on  the  tip  of  my  tongue..You  know  this  one.. TG

Blue Cap Glitter

A  bit  more  of  that  blue  cap.  They  seldom  rest  from  chasing  insects.  My  good  luck  to  finally  get  a  few  shots.

Blue Cap

We  may  not  see  his  blue  cap  glitter  very  often.  Barn  swallow  down  by  the  sea  shore. TG

Upland Plover

Rare  and  distant  around  here  in  Courtenay.  I  thought  he  was  a  stilt  at  first  but  the  book  says  Upland  Plover.  This  is  a  looong  shot.  Sorry.. TG

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunny Surprise

I  wondered  how  this  little  sunflower  managed  to  pop  up  from  the  rocks  down  by  the  ocean  where  I  feed  the  birds.   Then  I  realized....  This  is  here  because  of  me.  I  place  sunflower  seeds  for  birds  on  a  slab  above  these  rocks.   One  of  those  seeds  found  something  to  grow  from  between  the  boulders.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Heron Sentinel

Mr.  Heron  is  an  Icon  down  of  Portugese  Joes'  fish  monger  dock  post.

Bloom Unknown

The  top  section  is  about six  inches  long.   Growing  wild in  the  rocks  down  by  the  sea shore.  I  have  no  idea  what  this  one  is  called.

Mre. GOLDfinch

GOLDIE  likes  his  salty  sea-lettuce  early  in  the  morning.

Kingfisher Spunk

I  usually  get  these  closer  up.  This  is  posted  because  it  seems  to  show  his  'spunky'  spirit  and  those  funny  little  legs.

One Dozen

I  can't  resist getting  these  young  mergansers.  They  are  not  ALL  female.  The  males  change  over  to  white  and  green / black  when  they  get  older.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fish Grab

The  gulls  scattered  and  this  is  the  reason  why.

Yellow Tiger-Tail

This  one  has  lost  a  bit  here  and  there,  yet  is  still  able  to  be  attractive  looking.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Whole family

Here  we  have  the  whole  family,  give  or  take  one  or  two.

The  Moms  babysit  for  each  other  so  their  families  are  not  as  big  as  you  may  think. TG

Graceful flyer

Tossing  treats  into  the  water  brings  in  the  fly-by  Mew Gulls.

Mrs Merganser & Family

There  are  14  kids  but  5   will  allow  me  to  get  closer.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Less Grey & More brown

Unlike  the  following  Killdeer,  this  one  is  more  brown  toned  rather  than  grey..

Bloom & Pod

These  blooms  seem  to  have  both  the  bud  and  the  pod.;

Mixed Company

This white  goose  is  comfortable  in  the  Canada  goose  family.  In  fact  it  is  the  parent  of    two   hybrid  youngsters.

Killdeer Blending in

These  can  be  hard  to  see  at  a  distance  until  they  move  or  call  out.

Miss American Goldfinch

This Goldfinch  was  having  a  little  sea-greens  off  the  rock.