Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hybrid 7 right side

A  littlle  more  colour  in  this  black duck  and mallard  cross.

Hybrid 7

Looked  this  up  in  Cornell's  Birds ID  photos.   They  suggest  this  is  a  cross  between  the  Mallard  and  the  N.A.  Black duck.  Here  I  tried  to  show  a  lot  of  detail.  Otherwise  not  much  of  a  pose.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Information Wanted

We may be doomed.... We have 60,000 ships on the oceans burning the worst bunker fuels spewing poisons into the air every minute. We have hundreds of thousands of diesel burning tractor trailers shifting our foods and stuff over the world's highways in every country.

We have world industry building more dirty fuel ships and tractors every day.

If you see this trend turning around then please explain how. I admit I am sadly ignorant of how this is supposed to happen. Looking for hope and information from YOU. TG