Monday, February 27, 2012

Lafarge Sunrise photo zone

Lafarge on Dyke Road, [where  the  old  cement  silo  used  to  be], provides  a  fair  frame  for  a  break of  day  photo..  This  frame  is  even  better  when  the  local  canoe  extends  out  beyond  the  fence.  Most  of  the  water  birds  in  this  blog  were  photosnapped  here.  Kodak Z980  point  and  shoot  camera.


  1. PS: I also have a Canon T2i, but alas, so far no L lens. The Tamron tries hard but often fails to auto focus in time or accuratly for that matter. This blog will snap into a contender when I get that 70 - 300 f4 L lens.

  2. OK... as of March 17th..I now have that better 70 - 300mm L lens. Photos will be better from March 2012 forward.