Friday, January 30, 2015

Comox Glacier Prime Time

Comox  glacier  overlooks  the  Comox  delta  where  most  of  these  images  are  taken.  Winter  home  of  the  Trumpeter  Swans  in  the  hundreds.  They  mooch  around  on  local  farm  fields  as  well   as  flying  to  and  from  our   Comox  salt  water  delta.   Mergansers  are  our  second  mascot.  Eagles  are  the  third  and  we  welcome  turkey  vultures  as  well.

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  1. PS: This was taken with an el-cheapo Panny Lumix FZ 47. Future Shop demo. Paid peanuts, yet it does have a Leica zoom lens. Seems to do well at times. TG