Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crow Affliction

When  I  saw  this  poor  fellow  I  thought  it  may  be  a  minor  blight,  but  when  I  saw  a  similar  affliction  in  a  young  eagle  it  clearly  looked  lethal  so  decided  to  alert  the  authorities.
This  may  have  advanced  quickly.  due  to  our  unusual  long  dry  summer  this  year.   I  hope  several  days  of  severe  cold  this  coming  winter  may  limit  the  advance  of  this  awful  scourge.


  1. Hi Tony, it's Dean Stoltz from CHEK NEWS. I've contacted Maj Birch at Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society to see what she thinks about this and I might do a story on it today. (I live in Comox) Could I use your pictures? (I'm happy to "Courtesy" you.) I'd also like to interview you for the story if possible. I'm waiting to hear back from Maj right now as I'd like to do the story today. Hopefully you receive this message in time.) I can be contacted at 250-334-7142 or
    Thank you.

  2. Avian Pox does not affect humans but is very contagious to other birds. Please contact or phone 250-337-2021 if you find birds with this condition.