Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eagle Plague

I  suggest  this  young  eagle  is  in  agony.  The  humane  thing, [  as  per  SPCA],  would  be  to  put  it  down  out  of  mercy  and  bury  it  to  prevent  the  spread  of  disease  to  other  birds  and  creatures  who  would  feed  on  it.   If  you  see  this  and  ignore  it  then  it  will  soon  drop  and  the  disease  will  spread.   I  am  not  a  professional  naturalist,  have  no  authority  to  kill  Eagles  and  do  not  own  a  rifle.   Thus  I  only  post  this  to  inform  those  with  the  authority  to  do  whatever  the  experts  deem  wise.   I  first  noticed  this  growth  on  three  different  crows  at  Lafarge  on  the  Dyke  Road,  Courtenay  Comox  BC,  near  the  bird  lookout.    So  far  I  have  informed  the  Comox  Band  and  the  Comox  city  hall  as  they  know  who  the  local   'experts,
 are.   I  hope  this  can  be  stemmed  before  it  spreads.  TG
UPDATE::   This  information  is  co-posted  in  the  UK  on  ePhotoZine.com  where.....
Alf85  informs  us  in  Canada  that;;-<

 I realize ePhotoZine is not a 'birder's' web site, yet I don't think they mind if awareness is spread if it helps stem disease and limits its spread for everyone's benefit. I endevour to keep this fairly minimal.

I will pass on the news from Alf85 that Avian Pox virus is hitting the tit family and spreading in England. Our locals may not be aware of that  in  Canada..

Not sure where to keep you informed of this without leaning on ePhotoZine. My photo bog I guess
. I will post updates here and mention a more official site where the topic is covered when and if I learn more. TG   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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